The 10th edition of Faito Doc Festival theme is: HORIZONS.

The horizon can be interpreted in different ways. It can be thought of not only in the literal sense of the word- as an imaginary line we can observe, where the sea and the sky (or the earth) merge - but also as a metaphorical or philosophical concept. It can be a place that speaks to the soul and inspires people to create change in their lives. It can incite a change of perspective in a particular situation; a new way of seeing, living, acting or thinking.

What is the private or political horizon? What is the artistic, economic or humanitarian aim of every single person or of a group of people? What will our future look like? What will our future perspectives be? What will become of the world we live in?

The horizon could also be considered a starting point, perhaps linked to our childhood. A place where everybody can go to discover the meaning of his or her paths in life.

However, the horizon could also be a limit. It can be synonymous with a limited or closed spirit. It can represent a closing of the borders. We can think of the horizon as a line which encloses, traps and imprisons the human being, rendering him unable to realize the existence and richness of diversity.

How can we change the horizon?

How can we escape from it? How can we climb walls, run away and extend our own horizon?

Moreover, the horizon can represent a utopia - a place impossible to reach. It can push people to look for faith, ideals and the infinite.

For this tenth edition, Faito Doc Festival was inspired by Paul Coelho, who stay close to those who say:

“Everything is fine as it is, but we still need to move on.” Because they understand the need to keep going beyond the known horizon.

And from Gustave Flaubert:

“When we love, we love all. Everything seems to be blue when we wear blue glasses. Love, as everything else, is a way of seeing and feeling. It is a higher and loftier point of view. Love makes us discover endless perspectives and limitless horizons. ”

We invite filmmakers and producers to submit their most intimate, experimental or animated documentaries.

We give priority to poetic movies that depict touching life experiences; where producers and authors show their compassion and empathy towards their characters; where the audience can not only see an original and unique point of view, but also be moved to long and deep introspection.

The movies can represent the horizon in several ways.

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Deadline of selection process: 30th May 2017

About 30 movies will be selected and showed during Faito Doc Festival from August 1st to 6th 2017. The International Docmentary Festival takes place in Monte Faito (mountain in the Sorrentine Peninsula, southern Italy. It has an elevation of 1,131 meters and it walls directly into the sea of the breathtaking Gulf of Naples).

Filmmakers, main characters, sound and light technicians, producers of the selected movies will be hosted for two days by the organizers. They will share the villas with the jury members, the audience, the staff members. They will enjoy all together projections, exhibitions, concerts, friendly meals, workshops and rambles. 

Producers and filmmakers cannot submit more than two movies. The movies submitted cannot have been produced before January 1st 2014.

All selected movies must be followed by both their dialogue lists and their TC (Time Code).

The competition is judged by TWO INTERNATIONAL JURIES (one consist of expert members and the other is composed by young members between 15 and 25).

Only movies smaller than 10Gga can be showed, if selected.

If you want your movie to be part of this competition, please:

  • Send your movie, the short synopsis and the technical specifications to

Faito Doc Festival/ Salvatore Finocchiaro

13 Place de la Chapelle

1000 Bruxelles – Belgique

or fill the following form: